A Poem For Him


I was empty and starving for love
All I did is wish and look above
Waiting for the day that you would come
Waiting until I felt numb

And there you were standing in front of me
All grown up and free
Our eyes met in the middle of the crowd
I was stunned and felt proud

Showing my fondness and tenderness
We were aimless
I can still feel your warmth around me
I wanted us meant to be

We didn’t last long
But the kiss was so strong
I died when you left my heart broken
I made a cell and cried flowing to a basin

Your hurtful words didn’t matter
I love you until life after you
Pain sorrows my heart
Knowing that we’re apart

We both assumed the blame
Hoping everything will stay the same
My star fell from the sky
While it landed in your eyes

All of my time has gone away
The sky of my heart turned grey
The girl that I’m supposed to be
Doesn’t the depict me

Waiting for millions of hours
While all of your feelings devour
I’m trapped in your soul
Wanted to take me whole

I still love you no matter what
I weep and fell on a rut
If time sends me to heaven
I want you happy with everyone


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A little girl who twice created a feud

Summer days of 2007 or 2008. I was not quite sure what year was it but I was young. Maybe at age 13 or 14? I was in High School and my life was totally suck especially when the whole tribe is making fun of you. No friends. All alone. I was a weirdo and a total freaking loser outside my house.

Inside my house, I am somewhat different. Friendster was still a trend that time on the internet and I was a total “troll” or “scary” according to some people who have encountered me. I have a very nasty attitude in my Friendster days. I joined different kind of groups and for the first time I was cyber-bullied. But that didn’t stopped me. I was influenced that gave me an idea.

I created a group called “ADIKZ”. I know it was a total jejemon but I was young and wanted to create a group of friends. I started to send invites until the group bloomed. Some people were close to my house and I met few of them and some of them met in actual “eye ball” which I was absent, but anyway that’s not the point of it.

I was so young and at a very you age I was cyber-bullied by other groups whose mission is to spam in every group. All I did was protect the groups I was into and to makeup with the other people whom I disrespected. Because of that, that certain “troll group” targeted me and hacked my Friendster and edited my picture by putting genitals or a hideous monster on my face. But I gotta admit it, putting a monster face on my face was cool. But anyway, of course it hurts me as well when a lot of people especially that were older were targeting me in my Friendster days. A lot of people knew me there as “Nanahara” or the troll group calls me “Tangahara”. And Adikz group became one of the legendary groups before in Friendster and knowing that my name was being stained by my stupidity and the trolls as well.

Members of Adikz was actually calling me “Boss”. Well because I am the moderator and the leader as well but I suck being a leader. I was a kid. I do not know what I was thinking. I was friends with them but now some of them disappeared in my circle probably because we outgrew each other. But some remain on my side but the ADIKZ group I made in friendster was gone even when we transferred in Facebook.

I don’t have much details of what ADIKZ was but I stopped it and realised that I cannot stop it when people are actually joining on their own. We just disappeared. I guess it’s better that way than making my own people involve when they were innocent.

ADIKZ remaining members later on had their own inactive group on Facebook without me their “founder”. I try to come back but it seems to be that I am not welcome.

And there I was, tried to be happy with my new hobby in cosplay community.

2013-2014 (17 or 18 years old)

I created a group called “RANT SECTION” which I created for fun. Most members that I invited was from the cosplay community and from the word itself… Rant Section is where you can rant all of your issues. At first I thought everything would be fine especially when one of my superiors said that we might be needing Rant Section for the change of Cosplay Community but we were wrong.

Rant Section grew and the founder of that group was just a girl who had no idea what she was doing. She did realised that her name will be in trouble especially that the group was growing. Especially when a lot of issues in Cosplay community were being posted in my group and seeing some of my friends fighting with other people. Also… I was a kid. I was scared. I ban other people who seem not to be fit in my eyes. And for myself, I had an issue on my own. A kiss picture with an ex-friend (which was for fun and were just wearing wigs) was posted in GamerTotoy and that was before I created Rant Section (Well I am not sure anymore because an Anti-Rant Section group posted my issue there but one of the admins was close to me and have a huge respect for me and commented that the issue is close. Anyway, this Anti-Rant Section group is a group which rants about Rant Section. Funny though.)

Anyway, I left Rant Section and handed it over to another acquaintance to protect my identity. I thought the group will be alright already now that I’m gone but it’s far worse that I imagined. The group had gone mad and everything started when I created that group. But I was kind of jealous when they had this Rant Section meetup without the founder and it’s funny too… when I finally joined Rant Section for another meetup. Most of them don’t know who am I. Hahaha! But I met good friends there but yeah… they just don’t know who’s the real leader of Rant Section. Just a kid who was bored and wants to make a gang war. Jk.

After Rant Section, I created Cosplay Girls Section and some girls hates me there so… they created a story that I leaked the pictures there. :v :v :v I guess… it’s thrice feud? But really I am innocent. I just recall all those days and I actually missed it.

But I learned my lessons… STOP BEING A DICK NANA.




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Wasted Moment

“I was wishing to see him as I walk way to my destination. And there he was, the man of my dreams appeared from the other side. I saw him twice as I passed by and another when I went to the other side. I do not know if he saw me but I was wishing he did. Later on, I saw him again. We were in the opposite side. I did not look, but I know that he saw me. We were in the same direction but I avoided to looked at his eyes. We never had a chance to talk again. All I have to do is forget and move on with my life. Another wasted moment…”

– D.O. Dreams

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Our Hearts Are in Other Way Around


Every time I see your messages, my heart stops and smile like an idiot.

Every time I see you, you don’t see me but every time you see me, I don’t see you.

It’s funny how the world is making fun of us.

I can’t even see myself anymore being the happiest girl around.

The moment I lost my sight of you, I lost the half of me.

I am alone again.

Looking for a way back in.

Looking for something…

or most likely someone.







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A Poem Dedicated to Brian

The Noble Moon

The strength of the noble moon
reflects in the blue lagoon
Brian was walking way home
when he saw his brother in the brome

Brian asked “What’re you doing, lil’ brother?”
Brandon ignored as he walked further
that night was filled of blooming trees
Brian followed as he freeze

“Oh lil’ brother! Where are you going?”
He said as he saw something glowing
Brandon found the blue lagoon
pointing at the noble moon

The full moon is big and orange
The twins sat near the cottage
Lil’ Brandon wanted to go home
But Brian says he wants to roam

As they walk way home to see their mother
the moon was following as they wander
a shooting star just came in thunder
the twins wished as they wonder

The moon guide the children as they walk
while the time is ticking in the clock
Mother is waiting worriedly
the twins entered nervously

She embraced the twins as she weeps
the twins cried with their rosy cheeks
the worried mother yelled
Lil’ Brandon blamed Brian as he held

Brian said “The moon guided our path.”
Mother smelled and put them in bath
that night was filled of memories
as the twins listened to some melodies

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A Poem About the Sun and the Star

The Sun and the Starry Sky


Oh! I fell in love with someone from the sky
the sun is filled of light as I sly
ignoring the fact that I’m in love
but all I did is looked above

I’m a star who lost her way
I look forward to see the day
wanted to confess my love to the sun
but I don’t know what’s need to be done

Oh! King Sun my beloved
Forgive me for being blunt
you’re not aware of my feelings
and my heart is always bleeding

My beloved sun is too far away
I am the star who wants to allay
I know it’s impossible to accept
but I am not here to expect

Your happiness is what I desire
and let me fall in fire
I will wait for you to rise
while I am here to live in lies

Tell me to give up on thee
for I will constantly flee
a star like me will fall
and the sky will live above all

-Nana Razal

This poem is dedicated to the man whom I have loved secretly despite of the distance.

I created his poem to let him know that what I want is his happiness. I will accept every decision he’ll make and I will always care for him. I hope you are reading this. This would be my first and last poem for you.

While we’re miles away seeing each other; I’ll support you no matter how far you are. Until the day comes that our fate will finally meet.


Inaccuracy of Band of Brothers (Stephen E. Ambrose, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg)

Band_of_brothers_wikia_01 (2)

I have had been watching Band of Brothers since I was 5-6 years old. My uncle was even complaining that I shouldn’t be watching these kind of shows, but either way, it became my all time favourite. At first, I really don’t understand what was going on entirely and what is accurate or inaccurate.

Despite the fact that I have watched this show a lot of times. I only studied them this year and it became my hobby to learn more about U.S.A. veterans. One of my favourites are George Luz and David K. Webster. I’ve been doing a lot of research of Easy Company and other veterans that were not given attention and were not included in the miniseries, Band of Brothers.

Band of Brothers is not totally accurate, not totally inaccurate. It actually depicts the truth despite of the changes especially in the characters and some few details.


In the first episode, Currahee, Christenson (played by Michael Fassbender) was shown being punished by Captain Sobel during a night march where they are against to drink water from their canteen. Christenson’s family doubted that it happened because Christenson is tough. Easy company later  commented about it that it wasn’t Christenson who was punished. It is unknown until now who Captain Sobel punished that night.


Second episode, D-Day, it was depicted that his name was John D. Hall. John D. Hall actually didn’t made it in the jump and was killed in a plane crash. He was a member of Service company, the same as Gerald Loraine. According to John Barickman of the same platoon, it was HALLS who was killed in the Brecourt fight, not HALL. HALLS with S. John D. Hall and John D. Halls may be have the same middle initial but they are two different persons. John D. Halls was depictedly right that he was a member of Able company. He was played by Andrew Scott.

Band of Brothers (TV, Hanks-Spielberg) starring Scott Grimes,Matthew Leitch,Damian Lewis,Ron Livingston,Shane Taylor,Donnie Wahlberg,Peter Youngblood Hills,Nicholas Aaron,Philip Barantini,Michael Cudlitz,Rick Gomez,James Madio and Neal McDonough - dvdbash

Third episode, Carentan, Albert Blithe (played by Marc Warren) was depicted that he got shot in the neck by a sniper and never recovered from his wounds and died on 1948.

Blithe’s family publicly corrected this error, not all editions of the book, or of the series have the correction. Blithe actually was a career soldier serving in the Korean war and died in 1967 while on active duty in Germany.

He actually got shot in his right shoulder. He would recover from the wound and received a Purple Heart on June 25, 1944, his 21st birthday. Due to his wound, on October 1, 1944 he was sent home and never returned to the European Theater of Operations.

Also, Lt. Speirs told Blithe in the series that ‘There’s no hope and to accept the fact that he’s already dead’. Speirs told to Blithe’s stepson that he never made such statement.


Fourth episode, Replacements, Wynn was shown given a ride by Captain Sobel to rejoin Easy Company before Operation Market Garden. It was not accurate. It was Roderick Strohl who went AWOL from the hospital that took Sobel’s ride. Popeye didn’t run into Sobel.

Band of Brothers (TV, Hanks-Spielberg) starring Scott Grimes,Matthew Leitch,Damian Lewis,Ron Livingston,Shane Taylor,Donnie Wahlberg,Peter Youngblood Hills,Nicholas Aaron,Philip Barantini,Michael Cudlitz,Rick Gomez,James Madio and Neal McDonough - dvdbash

Sixth episode, Bastogne, it was unclear if Doc Roe (played by Shane Taylor) and Nurse Renee (played by Lucie Jeanne) really did met. There was a nurse name Renee  Lemaire who was indeed working in the aid station at Bastogne that time, but Doc Roe was never mention in historical accounts of Renee.


Sevent episode, The Breaking Point, Compton was traumatised after witnessing two of his closest friends, Toye and Guarnere, being badly maimed by artillery fire resulting in each losing a leg.

Compton wrote in his autobiography, “…although I was affected by the horrors of Bastogne, I do not believe I was clinically shell shocked, as the series portrays me. In real life, while I was hollering for the medic, trying to figure out what to do, I remember two distinct thoughts: How are we going to help the wounded guys?…Maybe this is the time the Germans are really going to get us all.”


David Kenyon Webster played by Eion Bailey

Eight episode, The Last Patrol, William “Bill” Kiehn was killed while carrying a sack of potatoes from one building to another. This scene is fabrication according to Kiehn’s comrade, Paul Rogers.


Bill Kiehn’s death in the miniseries

Kiehn was actually taking a nap in the basement of an empty house when an artillery shell hit the house. The ceiling collapsed and Kiehn was killed before Doc Roe could hear the call for medic.


The real Forrest Guth

In the patrol over the Moder River, John Martin wasn’t the one who was actually leading the patrol. It was Sergeant Kenneth Mercier. And the interpreter was Forrest Guth and not David K. Webster. But Webster was involved in the patrol assigned to cover the patrol from across the river with an M1919 Browning.


While crossing the river, Garcia (played by Douglas Spain) was shown drowning and started screaming that he can’t swim. This is inaccurate. Popeye was actually the one fell on the river and started screaming. Garcia actually crossed the river safely and he can swim

Andrew-Lee-PottsEuegene E. Jackson (played by Andrew-Lee Potts) was seriously wounded by grenade shrapnel and he didn’t died on his own grenade.


Roy Cobb (played by Craig Heaney) is depicted getting drunk after the patrol and is mildly scolded by Second Lieutenant Jones and Staff Sergeant John Martin; in reality, Cobb was being yelled at by Jack Foley, and Cobb charged at Foley. Two men had to restrain Cobb and John Martin pulled out his pistol and pointed it at him.The actual incident was not portrayed in the series, yet several other events depicting him as bitter were shown throughout the series but never mentioned in the book.

Cobb being described as being “invariably good-natured” in Private Webster’s book.

According to Clancy Lyall, Cobb was given to him to care of as he knew Cobb best. “Roy was an okay guy. He was a good soldier when he wasn’t drinking, but if there was a bottle in the middle of the German HQ, he would go out and get it! That was his problem. As a combat guy, he was quite good, no question about that”, Lyall stated in his biography Silver Eagle. He also said Cobb never moaned about not being promoted and he doesn’t know where they got the idea from that, that he was frustrated because of it.


Liebgott (Ross McCall), Webster (Eion Bailey) and Sisk (Philip Barantini)

Last episode, Points, Liebgott is portrayed as a Jew and said that he went back to San Francisco and drove his cab. He was actually raised as Catholic and his comrades assumed that he was Jewish because of his surname and his hatred towards Germans. He went missing in 3 years and was believed that he was suffering from PTSD. He never told to his children about the war. He also didn’t became a taxi driver, he went back being a barber until his death and never attended reunions.

Webster replaced First Sergeant John C. Lynch and Don Moone to eliminate the Nazi who was the head of the labor camp along with Liebgott and Sisk. In real life, Webster wasn’t at the incident at all. Like Moone, Webster refuses to shoot the guilty man.

Band_of_brothers_wikia_01 (1)

Thank you for reading my Blog entry! If you have some corrections please feel free to comment and help me to improve my Band of Brother’s Wikia site by clicking this!

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