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A Poem Dedicated to Brian

The Noble Moon

The strength of the noble moon
reflects in the blue lagoon
Brian was walking way home
when he saw his brother in the brome

Brian asked “What’re you doing, lil’ brother?”
Brandon ignored as he walked further
that night was filled of blooming trees
Brian followed as he freeze

“Oh lil’ brother! Where are you going?”
He said as he saw something glowing
Brandon found the blue lagoon
pointing at the noble moon

The full moon is big and orange
The twins sat near the cottage
Lil’ Brandon wanted to go home
But Brian says he wants to roam

As they walk way home to see their mother
the moon was following as they wander
a shooting star just came in thunder
the twins wished as they wonder

The moon guide the children as they walk
while the time is ticking in the clock
Mother is waiting worriedly
the twins entered nervously

She embraced the twins as she weeps
the twins cried with their rosy cheeks
the worried mother yelled
Lil’ Brandon blamed Brian as he held

Brian said “The moon guided our path.”
Mother smelled and put them in bath
that night was filled of memories
as the twins listened to some melodies


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A Poem About the Sun and the Star

The Sun and the Starry Sky


Oh! I fell in love with someone from the sky
the sun is filled of light as I sly
ignoring the fact that I’m in love
but all I did is looked above

I’m a star who lost her way
I look forward to see the day
wanted to confess my love to the sun
but I don’t know what’s need to be done

Oh! King Sun my beloved
Forgive me for being blunt
you’re not aware of my feelings
and my heart is always bleeding

My beloved sun is too far away
I am the star who wants to allay
I know it’s impossible to accept
but I am not here to expect

Your happiness is what I desire
and let me fall in fire
I will wait for you to rise
while I am here to live in lies

Tell me to give up on thee
for I will constantly flee
a star like me will fall
and the sky will live above all

-Nana Razal

This poem is dedicated to the man whom I have loved secretly despite of the distance.

I created his poem to let him know that what I want is his happiness. I will accept every decision he’ll make and I will always care for him. I hope you are reading this. This would be my first and last poem for you.

While we’re miles away seeing each other; I’ll support you no matter how far you are. Until the day comes that our fate will finally meet.