A Poem For Him


I was empty and starving for love
All I did is wish and look above
Waiting for the day that you would come
Waiting until I felt numb

And there you were standing in front of me
All grown up and free
Our eyes met in the middle of the crowd
I was stunned and felt proud

Showing my fondness and tenderness
We were aimless
I can still feel your warmth around me
I wanted us meant to be

We didn’t last long
But the kiss was so strong
I died when you left my heart broken
I made a cell and cried flowing to a basin

Your hurtful words didn’t matter
I love you until life after you
Pain sorrows my heart
Knowing that we’re apart

We both assumed the blame
Hoping everything will stay the same
My star fell from the sky
While it landed in your eyes

All of my time has gone away
The sky of my heart turned grey
The girl that I’m supposed to be
Doesn’t the depict me

Waiting for millions of hours
While all of your feelings devour
I’m trapped in your soul
Wanted to take me whole

I still love you no matter what
I weep and fell on a rut
If time sends me to heaven
I want you happy with everyone

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