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Welcome to The Midget Atheist Blog! My name is Ranran Obcemane Gaytano Romero Razal y Libatique Battung Baggayan (formerly know as Nana Aoi), and I’m a hobbyist, but at one point the most bored being in earth. I am a Filipino with Chinese, Italian and Portuguese descent.

I started this blog to share to my viewers about my life and hobby that I either enjoy or not. I will share you my knowledge in books, Anime/Manga, make-up, Atheism/Religion, culture, cosplay conventions and many more. My life is very dull because I haven’t found the missing pieces of my heart.

I have goals in my life, but apparently I’m quite dubious about it for I think it’s very impossible for me to achieve it.

I was an Anime and Manga fanatic and even Japanese culture and music has influence me, but I started to outgrew them and tried to be a whole new person. I got tired of it, but doesn’t mean I hate it. I want to explore more. I want to expand my skills in being a writer, musician, model, photographer, artist and a good speaker in creating YouTube videos. I wanted to create good music that everyone can relate and appreciate it.

I want to explore the world and value the life in earth. I want to see the stars above and reach one of them.

Hobbies and Interests

Music, Cosplay, Modeling, Writing, Photography, Composing, Art, Dance Dance Revolution, YouTube, Social Medias, exploring and meeting new people.


  1. Music: Alternative metal, pop punk, rock, etc.
  2. Movies: Dreamcatcher, Kill Bill, Battle Royale, The Tempest and most of Marvel Movies. I like Disney and DreamWorks movies, too.
  3. TV Shows: The X-Files, Band of Brothers
  4. Books: The Alchemist & The Aleph by Paulo Coelho and The Map of the Sky by Felix Palma
  5. Actor: Rick Gomez
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